Friday, July 1, 2011

Elite Alliance .net back Online

D-Day is there, Elite Alliance is back online. For how long?

It may only be a question of time before members once again get a “bandwidth limit reached” and “this account has been suspended” message when trying to log into their back office. With every new month the bandwidth allocation starts from scratch. This could be the only reason for the site to be online again.

There still is no life sign of either Leon or Alex Reiter to be found anywhere. There is no update in the back office, no new activity report, no answer to still open support requests, no reply to emails, no reply to messages left on their telephone service and no sign of either of them on Facebook. That makes me cautious to trust the truce.

As for me then, Elite Alliance D-Day has started without any major positive development. The only thing that keeps me from dropping this is the fact that I can’t do anything at all without my secondary password.
Riding the see-saw as a child was fun for a time, but you can’t do it non- stop. As a grown-up, see-saw riding is no fun at all.


  1. It has happened again,EA's account suspended,why does it keep happening?anyone who knows please enlighten me.

  2. EA's hosting package seems to have a limited bandwidth, which means if the site gets more hits than allocated in the package, the site will be suspended until more bandwidth is paid for. If EA does not upgrade their hosting package (pay for more bandwidth), the site will only be accessible again with the start of a new month.