Saturday, July 9, 2011

Is Elite Alliance still paying?

The last payments from Elite were made via AlertPay on 2 July 2011.
Those were for requests dated 22 June. All payment requests dated later than 22 June are still outstanding.

Is there the slightest hope for people who are still waiting to get paid?

We know by now that Alert Pay and STP account holders are the last ones that may get paid when an HYIP goes belly-up, because these two payment processors will block accounts when members have complaints.
This then possibly is the reason for no more payments to AP this week, since many members did follow the instruction posted on “Gurnam” Facebook which stated:
“please go to AP/STP site create a Transaction Dispute to reverse your deposits, We need your deposit information to create new AP/STP payment list.”

Now as to how long the investigations will take is any bodies guess. If the admin of Elite is honest and answers Alert Pay queries, the problem could possibly be solved soon. If they, however, ignore AP like they ignore their investors, this may mean the final end for Elite

Diehard believers in Elite Alliance Club re-invest their funds there.
Well, this actually is the best option left, seeing they cannot withdraw any funds. Who knows, it may in the end prove to be to their advantage if Elite still proves their claim that they are no HYIP, which seems highly unlikely at this stage.

Seasoned investors believe in diversification.

Since EA management not only ignores members requests, but also has abandoned the back office as well as their official Face Book page, spammers now take their chance to promote their various HYIP’s there, hoping to find new referrals amongst Elite Alliance members.

For those who don’t want to take the time to investigate other options, this may seem the best way to find something else. But depending on hearsay only may in the end prove to be another mistake, like most of them ended up in Elite Alliance on the recommendation of others, without any of their own investigations.

I am investigating some options at this stage, following the steps of doing due diligence first, as described in previous posts. Customer Support now is a high priority for me, having learned the hard way with Elite If I don’t get an answer to a support request within 24 hours on week days, that system gets scrapped off my list immediately. If a site has live support, I visit it at various times during the day to see if it shows to be online and I’ll test it too.

I am sure that the non-existent support system of Elite was the main reason and start for its present demise.

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