Monday, July 4, 2011

A Gloomy Picture for Elite Alliance Club Investors

Today 4 July 2011 – Elite Alliance Wealth Club Investors only have hope left?

This becomes obvious from the recently created Facebook page for EA Loyal Members, which was created to escape from the spamming on the official Elite Alliance Club Facebook. As such, it is a relief for all who tried to find a relevant EA post on the latter.

It seems as if some people received payments from EA on Saturday into their LR accounts, which was announced by the guy who claims to be Gurnam, the programmer of Elite Now if one can believe those is another matter.
There are many people, however, who are waiting for their payment requests to be met.

So once again, in view of these facts, I cannot in good conscience advertise or promote this to any one right now. Will keep you updated should there be any change.

UPDATE 4 JULY: More payment proofs coming in. You can check them from HERE.

As to doing Due Diligence:
I think it’s important that one knows about the tricks of the ponzi trade.

Ponzi schemes use certain tricks to encourage more confidence and new investments such as: issuing debit cards, new higher paying plans, bonuses, referral contests, Alert Pay account being blocked, closing door to new members or additional deposits, having some problem with their “real business”, which they have to deal with first as well as coming up with elaborate UPDATES about the future of their business.

Knowing about these tricks can make you aware of the true nature of a system when you see them appear in the member area. This awareness can make all the difference between losing much or just a little, because you can get out quickly once you see them.

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