Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Elite is dead

On 13 August 2011 Elite died the death of all HYIP’s and ponzi schemes.

The site is not accessible any more. It is the typical end of another HYIP or Ponzi scheme after having scammed thousands of investors. As faceless Managing Director of Elite, Leon Reiter, said in his interview with MNO, only time will tell who’s here for the long run – the lifetime of Elite proves that it was just another HYIP, barely making it for six months. What’s more, this short lifetime was planned right from start, but it was kept hidden from members in order to attract more investors.

This now becomes obvious from the new Facebook page which was opened by faceless Alex Reiter,
where Alex claims:"The decision to close EA and go private was made in april yet we kept paying for 3months,".

Once again totally unprofessional,starting with: Hello dear members i am Alex Reiter.I have the permission to notify you that your dear EAWC will be going private from monday the 3rd of october 2011.We have completed payouts to everyone who deposited via alertpay except a few which we will complete..., leaving members guessing whether this is to be believed or not.
There are ,however, several indications that it indeed is Alex Reiter behind this page.

1. The obvious contempt for “peanut investors”
2. Some exact numbers on investors
3. Blaming members for filing disputes

Putting the blame for problems at the feet of members has become a sure sign for the authenticity of EA admin updates. First, Members were blamed for double payments that were processed. Now members are blamed for filing payment disputes with AP after not being updated for more than two months. This action is now used as an excuse to scam 12489 AP members out of their money.

Ironically , the admin of Elite still distance themselves from being an HYIP: “most take all programs as hyips which we as a company ALWAYS try to distance ourselves from,” even after all facts have proven Elite to be just another regular HYIP. Interestingly the scam Cherrie Shares did the same.

So now all who still have outstanding payment requests are waiting for August 29 to get back some of their investments, though this may once again prove to be an empty promise, like the many we already had from Elite

Friday, July 22, 2011

Elite paying selectively on a weekly basis.

Elite Alliance Wealth Club is not yet dead.

From payment proofs posted on the net the following becomes clear:
1. Payments are now processed on a weekly basis, usually on a Monday.
2. Payments are still processed selectively using Alert Pay.
3. The waiting time for requests to be processed has increased to a month.

Even though there is no guarantee that this will go on, let alone improve, it does prove that Elite Alliance is not dead yet.It also lets peoples hopes live on.

Of course it is possible that Elite is going through a rough time, having to recover from losses incurred from double payments that were processed accidentally, as mentioned in Leon Reiters last update from 13 June 2011. Diehards have swallowed this statement as an explanation for the current problems. It could, however, also just have been an excuse from the side of EA admin. Only time will reveal the true facts here.

The situation being as it is at this moment, members now re-invest rather than withdraw. In view of the current waiting time, this seems to be the best strategy at this stage. Instead of having a withdrawal request hanging pending for weeks, that money can just as well earn interest for that time.

As to the admin of Elite Alliance Club having abandoned communication with members nothing has changed yet. This fact should serve as warning that all is not rosy yet and the final collapse can still come at any time.

Thus I still advise all would-be investors to exercise extreme caution here. Signing up without investing right now just for being a member if Elite Alliance goes private again, cannot be of great value either, since admin already stated they would only go on with trusted and active members. Those who advise people to just sign up for this, only have their own agenda in mind.

If you have money to play with and are looking for a proven HYIP, then check out this system. It is paying me daily within seconds, its customer service is of the highest quality and its plans cater for a variety of investors.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Is Elite Alliance still paying?

The last payments from Elite were made via AlertPay on 2 July 2011.
Those were for requests dated 22 June. All payment requests dated later than 22 June are still outstanding.

Is there the slightest hope for people who are still waiting to get paid?

We know by now that Alert Pay and STP account holders are the last ones that may get paid when an HYIP goes belly-up, because these two payment processors will block accounts when members have complaints.
This then possibly is the reason for no more payments to AP this week, since many members did follow the instruction posted on “Gurnam” Facebook which stated:
“please go to AP/STP site create a Transaction Dispute to reverse your deposits, We need your deposit information to create new AP/STP payment list.”

Now as to how long the investigations will take is any bodies guess. If the admin of Elite is honest and answers Alert Pay queries, the problem could possibly be solved soon. If they, however, ignore AP like they ignore their investors, this may mean the final end for Elite

Diehard believers in Elite Alliance Club re-invest their funds there.
Well, this actually is the best option left, seeing they cannot withdraw any funds. Who knows, it may in the end prove to be to their advantage if Elite still proves their claim that they are no HYIP, which seems highly unlikely at this stage.

Seasoned investors believe in diversification.

Since EA management not only ignores members requests, but also has abandoned the back office as well as their official Face Book page, spammers now take their chance to promote their various HYIP’s there, hoping to find new referrals amongst Elite Alliance members.

For those who don’t want to take the time to investigate other options, this may seem the best way to find something else. But depending on hearsay only may in the end prove to be another mistake, like most of them ended up in Elite Alliance on the recommendation of others, without any of their own investigations.

I am investigating some options at this stage, following the steps of doing due diligence first, as described in previous posts. Customer Support now is a high priority for me, having learned the hard way with Elite If I don’t get an answer to a support request within 24 hours on week days, that system gets scrapped off my list immediately. If a site has live support, I visit it at various times during the day to see if it shows to be online and I’ll test it too.

I am sure that the non-existent support system of Elite was the main reason and start for its present demise.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The proverb “No News is Good News” does not apply to HYIP’s.

At this point in time Elite is covered in silence. With no new payment proofs coming in, no replies to support tickets and no updates in the back office it looks as if Elite Alliance is history.

Has this once promising HYIP followed the path of all ponzi schemes?

Seasoned HYIP players/gamblers call a program Scam as soon as it starts paying selectively.This is the case with Elite now. Payments were made to AlertPay and Solid Trust Pay members, while no payments went through via Liberty Reserve yet. This post on MNO blog gives a plausible reason for that.

Diehards, on the other hand, see those payments as proof for their faith in a program. I would say it’s grabbing straws to stay afloat as long as possible. Sure nobody wants to lose money, but when one is into HYIP, losses are part of the deal and have to be accepted.

Ok, so Leon Reiter denied being a HYIP in his interview with MNO.:
I would like to make it clear once and for all that we are not a “HYIP”.

Then why did he list Elite Alliance there in the first place?

By listing EA on MNO Leon contradicted his statement above himself and opened the way for being put on Problem and Scam status in case of payment discrepancies, which sure enough happened far sooner than expected. And instead of an immediate reaction to enquiries from the side of MNO, Leon Reiter ignored MNO (See this MNO blogpost), just as he ignores support requests from his investors, contradictory to his statement under Question 8 of the Interview:
Members can request support via Support Tickets feature within their members area.

Some people still claim that Leon Reiter is honest with his members. By the life of me I cannot see on what facts they base their claims except blind faith in printed and recorded words. None of them have ever seen or spoken to him personally. Most of these have never even tried to contact either Leon or Alex by phone. Yet, even when confronted with reverse facts, they’ll look for and find any excuse to deny them.
They remind me of the picture of the ostrich sticking its head into the sand when danger is imminent. (Not that ostriches do that, by the way.)

It seems to me Leon Reiter, General Manager of Elite, had these people in mind when he talked about “permanent and trusted members”, blind followers, who swallow every word of his as being true.

Conclusively let’s face the fact that it will be a miracle for Elite to reach its former glory, if they ever manage to make a comeback.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Leon Reiter’s Interview with Money News Online

Recent changes to Elite invitation page as well as on Money News Online deprive visitors of an important piece of proof of the existence of the General Manager, Leon Reiter.

Together with other links that used to be on the invitation page, the link to Leon Reiter’s Interview with Money News Online has been taken off that page. The reason for that move is anyone’s guess. It does prove, however, that somebody is still working on the site.

MNO monitor has completely removed all links to Elite Alliance, even under their Scam page, as if it never existed. Again anybody’s guess as to why this drastic move was deemed necessary.

So, in order to save you time searching for that interview, just click HERE. I can’t promise that this link will stay good, but for the time being it still works.

For me this Interview is proof of Leon Reiter’s existence, especially at this point in time, where all other communication between the admin of Elite and its members has come to a complete halt. It serves as a straw to hold on in turbulent waters and although a straw like that is not strong enough to keep you afloat and believing for very long, it can help for a while.

It’s the same with recent payment proofs published online. They keep members hope alive. With Alert Pay and STP payment requests dated 22 June being processed 4 July, any requests made thereafter also have a chance of being processed, albeit later.

Yes, it’s a real see-saw ride at this stage, one day up, the next day down. Those who have been gambling with HYIP for some time know it’s a gamble from the start and thus accept losses, which invariably occur in this industry.

As to Elite being elite, cream of the crop, the best – well, hmmm, concerning what??? Definitely NOT in members support.

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Gloomy Picture for Elite Alliance Club Investors

Today 4 July 2011 – Elite Alliance Wealth Club Investors only have hope left?

This becomes obvious from the recently created Facebook page for EA Loyal Members, which was created to escape from the spamming on the official Elite Alliance Club Facebook. As such, it is a relief for all who tried to find a relevant EA post on the latter.

It seems as if some people received payments from EA on Saturday into their LR accounts, which was announced by the guy who claims to be Gurnam, the programmer of Elite Now if one can believe those is another matter.
There are many people, however, who are waiting for their payment requests to be met.

So once again, in view of these facts, I cannot in good conscience advertise or promote this to any one right now. Will keep you updated should there be any change.

UPDATE 4 JULY: More payment proofs coming in. You can check them from HERE.

As to doing Due Diligence:
I think it’s important that one knows about the tricks of the ponzi trade.

Ponzi schemes use certain tricks to encourage more confidence and new investments such as: issuing debit cards, new higher paying plans, bonuses, referral contests, Alert Pay account being blocked, closing door to new members or additional deposits, having some problem with their “real business”, which they have to deal with first as well as coming up with elaborate UPDATES about the future of their business.

Knowing about these tricks can make you aware of the true nature of a system when you see them appear in the member area. This awareness can make all the difference between losing much or just a little, because you can get out quickly once you see them.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Elite Alliance .net back Online

D-Day is there, Elite Alliance is back online. For how long?

It may only be a question of time before members once again get a “bandwidth limit reached” and “this account has been suspended” message when trying to log into their back office. With every new month the bandwidth allocation starts from scratch. This could be the only reason for the site to be online again.

There still is no life sign of either Leon or Alex Reiter to be found anywhere. There is no update in the back office, no new activity report, no answer to still open support requests, no reply to emails, no reply to messages left on their telephone service and no sign of either of them on Facebook. That makes me cautious to trust the truce.

As for me then, Elite Alliance D-Day has started without any major positive development. The only thing that keeps me from dropping this is the fact that I can’t do anything at all without my secondary password.
Riding the see-saw as a child was fun for a time, but you can’t do it non- stop. As a grown-up, see-saw riding is no fun at all.

Elite HYIP or Biggest SCAM ever?

Elite Alliance Wealth Club site is down – account suspended since 29 June.

Whether the site will become available again remains to be seen. Now the membership is divided into those who believe Elite Alliance is Elite and will come back and those who started crying SCAM at the very first payment delay.

In the wake of problems mentioned in earlier posts here, this development was, however, foreseeable.

What has become of all the convincing claims made by Elite Alliance Wealth Club?
Regarding communication the following could be read in their FAQ:
From the foundation of Elite Group, we've been following the principles of individual approach to our customers. Our company features a 24/7 customer support, personal consulting service and several contact options, including e-mail, mail, online consulting and phone support for active Members.

No membership site can exist without a working support system. This maybe the biggest reason for the doubts arising amongst members, leading to more and more complaints being raised, thus overloading whatever support system existed. With complaints pouring in on Elite Alliance’s Facebook, the negative publicity encouraged spammers to take over EA’s Facebook to such an extent that is has become useless as a communication system for Elite Alliance members. The result is obvious: all communication between admin and members has come to a complete halt.

About safety of investment their FAQ stated:
We fully formed our own analytical platform over the years of work, and minimized the percentage of inefficient business decisions made due to incorrect analytical information. We have our own software for the technical analysis, as well as contacts with the world's leading analysts to make predictions for the fundamental analysis. The Club's 8-Year history has proven our financial strategies to be extremely effective and risk-free. Moreover, we guarantee every external deposit you make into your account within 5 working days since request.

In the Interview with MNO monitor this was Leon Reiters claim:
I would like to make it clear once and for all that we are not a “HYIP”. We are a serious Business. Let HYIP “players” play HYIP’s (I apologize for the tautology), but business people need to earn money – they have no time for playing “games”. Only time will tell who’s here for the long run.

All of these were convincing statements which attracted new investors.
If all of these where empty lies, then I’d say this may be the biggest HYIP SCAM ever.
They will only prove to be truth, however, if the site opens up again 1 Jul 2011, as promised by the person who claims to be the programmer of Elite Alliance.
So 1 July 2011 is D-day for Elite Alliance Wealth Club.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

HYIP Due Diligence – Investigate its History

This Step in Due Diligence is important if an HYIP claims to be in existence for some time. Since most HYIP’s only exist for a few months before they collapse, it’s no use trying to find something about their history other than what one can find on some monitors.
In the case of Elite with their claim of existing since 2002, however, some history should be available to prove the truth of that claim. In his interview with Paul from Money News Online Leon Reiter evaded an answer to Paul’s question: how did you manage to do it for as long as you claim without a functioning website and without any traceable record of your existence?
Yes sure, the registration certificate of Elite Group S.A. in Panama states the year 2002 including the following dignitaries:

From this data it seems that Elite Group S.A. is a family business. It is not the registration document for Elite Alliance, though.
Another search on Google may bring you to: “RED FLAG ALERT #2 - fake forex AND fake Rolex at the same address” posted on There you can find the IP address:

So let’s check this out.

Type into your browsers search bar and up comes: an Elite site. Check that IP address in Who Is, however, and it can’t be found.

Then check and you’ll find:
This is a sitefile evaluation of the domain that was registered on Jul 15 2002.Our system estimates that has a revenue of about $3 USD per day and is worth $1,978.Our data shows that the site is hosted in Dallas, US. The website is active on the IP and receives about 135 unique visitors per day. Alexa ranks at 1,233,518 .

Oops! Something is really fishy here! Does have a valid point for his post?

The two IP addresses given for on Who Is don’t open up, like
Name Server IP Location San Diego, CA, US Los Angeles, CA, US

Has has disappeared from the web? No, the site is still online, so maybe those two IP addresses are constantly too busy to open up.

If you, as reader of this blog post, have an explanation for these abnormalities, please post them in a comment below.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HYIP Due Diligence on Site Content

In a previous post I discussed the appearance of HYIP sites. Today I look at the content.
The navigation through a site should be obvious, with a bar at the top and/or in a side column.
The first link of interest is the “About Us” link, which should give more information about the company itself. If they claim to be in existence for any length of time, look for proof of that. That may involve an extensive search, depending on the proof delivered. One would expect a link to a registration certificate in here, which should be checked to verify any claims made.

The second link of interest is the “FAQ”. A comprehensive FAQ page divided into several sub-headings covering different aspects of importance to would-be investors proves that member interests are important to the management of the system. It can also be proof for the length of time the company exists. The more detailed a FAQ page is, the less need there will be for members to contact management.
A short FAQ page delivering only basic answers, however, can mean that the company is very new and does not have much experience dealing with members. It can also indicate a lack of interest and concern for its members. If this is the case, it will become obvious when one tries to contact management and answers either are delayed for longer than 24 hours or don’t come at all.
The more detailed a FAQ page is, the less need there will be for members to contact management. Sometimes there is no separate “FAQ” link on the navigation bar. Often you can then find it when clicking on the “Contact” link.

So we come to the “Contact” link. This link is very important on any site where on is asked to invest any money, not only concerning HYIP. You want to know who you are dealing with, where your money will go before you spend it. So, even if there is a detailed FAQ page, you should be able to come up with a question that’s not yet answered or maybe needs more clarification. So, by all means, send a support request before you invest any money. If you don’t get an answer within 24 hours, stay away from that system.

With an HYIP site there sure must be a link to their “Plans”. Now I won’t discuss this any further as there are enough sites where you can find discussions of different HYIP plans, like for instance on monitor systems.

I’ll refrain from comparing HYIP sites today, since Elite is down, having reached their bandwidth limit. If they don’t upgrade immediately, they will have bandwidth again as from July 1. So the Waiting Game goes on.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Latest News about Elite Alliance

Hi everybody,
This post is just an update for my readers on developments at Elite Alliance Wealth Club.
Seems some more payments have been made today. For more details about these you can check EA Facebook

There still is no update in the back office,though, but when people get paid, they don't worry about updates. Payments keep a HYIP running. Furthermore the back office of Elite is offline at this stage because it’s exceeded the bandwidth limit. No wonder, since everybody went looking for an official update.

I'm busy with my tax return today, so will follow up on Due Diligence when that's done. Hate doing that at the last minute, but with Namibian Banking Institutions not supplying necessary documents earlier, my hands were tied till now.

Thanks for understanding and thanks for visiting.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

HYIP – how to do Due Diligence

Reading through comments on Elite Alliance’s Facebook page it seems that many people just react on recommendations from others, without really investigating a HYIP site before joining. So, in this post I’ll once more discuss DUE DILIGENCE.
There are 6 Steps one needs to take when doing DD. Here’s a summary of those from MNO:
1. Check out a program’s website
2. Investigate how a website looked in the past 3. Make Research on Forums and Monitoring Sites 4. Check WHOIS information: Domain registration data of a company’s website
5. Request the company’s documents:
Valid Business Registration Certificate, Financial Records, List of banks with which the Company has a financial relationship.
6. Confirm the validity of the Company’s documents by contacting the issuing institution

So let’s take Step One – the program’s website:
Appearance: Does it appear as being a professional site? Points to look for: Is it clean and uncluttered? Is there enough information for first time visitors? Is the information neatly organized? Is the use of the language on the site professional,(no typos, no slang)?

The appearance of Elite :
The very first thing visitors will see about EA on an invitation page: a black background with a typical hype image taking up three quarters of the top space. The links on top only become clear when clicked on, being: MNO Monitor, Conference, Interview, Facebook, Private Forum and back Office. Below the hype image a short summary of Do’s and Dont’s with the Invitation code to enter and to the left of that a Facebook social plugin.
Ok, so you enter the black cave. Another black cave with visible links this time: Home, About, FAQ, Terms, Contact, a link to sign up and one to sign in plus a 3 sentence Welcome Message with a link to their registration document. That’s it for the Home page of Elite

Now I’m looking at a similar HYIP Home page: A mainly white background touched here and there with light blue. Clean visible links right on top being General, About, Investment, Plans, News, Affiliate Program, FAQ, Terms, Career, Contact Us , a Telephone number to request a call back plus a live support button. In the middle of the top window one can see sliding info about payment methods, how to deposit and their USP. When one scrolls below top fold, there’s more info about the company and, very important, a photo of the Executive Director plus some informative links on the left hand side.

Comparing the appearance and visible content of these two home pages, I would say the second one appears more professional, gives more info at first glance and invokes more confidence than Elite

I will discuss the content in my next post, so keep following.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Elite Alliance – HOT or NOT?

There still is no new update from Elite management in the back office, the last one was dated 13 June 2011. In the light of this, members are turning to EA’s Facebook page for information. There, however, one can no longer believe that what’s posted under the EA logo image really does come from admin. So the uncertainty amongst yet unpaid members is rising daily and spammers are busy taking over that page with their ads.

To make matters even worse there now seem to be four Elite Alliance Wealth pages on Facebook:

One positive aspect one can get on the first link above, though, is the fact that AlertPay members are still receiving payments.
With Liberty Reserve members waiting in vain, it’s only logic that those may tend to believe what’s posted on the third link above, which may or may not be official news. The fourth link seems to be the most authentic one of all of them.

What’s so disturbing about all this?
The fact that even with all the requests for an official update in the back office posted on EA’s Facebook and admin apparently spending time there to comment, admin does not comment on those requests, nor makes time to update members on the official page.

If the comments posted under the admin image really do come from Elite admin, why does the oh so busy Managing Director, Leon Reiter, make time for irrelevant posts, but does not take the time to inform his members properly?

My opinion:

Posts appearing to be from admin on Facebook are not coming from Leon Reiter and cannot be taken seriously.

Is Elite Alliance Wealth Club still HOT or NOT?

Many HYIP monitor sites don’t even mention it. Those that do, show it as “Not Paying” because of selective payments being made. It isn’t dead yet, but those that have invested are forced into the WAITING game.

Those who are contemplating to join should not do it now, as there are too many queries and things to be sorted out at this stage. You will only spare yourself endless frustrations, like waiting for more than 30 days to get an answer to a support request.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who and where is Leon Reiter from Elite

Fact is that there is such a person by name of Leon Reiter involved with Elite That is proven by the interview published amongst others on MNO monitor. It is also obvious from the conference link, where one can hear him talking and of course from the updates published in Elite back office.

My first questions is : what does this man look like?
The only picture one can find of this man is the one on the invitation page, which also appears on Facebook. Is that a true reflection of Leon Reiter, Managing Director of Elite or just an image used for promotional purposes? My guess is that it’s only an image, not a photo of this man.For my part, I would highly appreciate anyone who knows this man personally to confirm or deny this guess of mine.

Why is that important? Well, firstly I reckon any genuine marketer wants to promote him/herself as genuine, because that builds trust. Vanity, of course, makes one present oneself as attractive as possible to the public. In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with that, so I use an older picture of myself online. Secondly, imposters can be caught when using a photo without the consent of the owner.

My second question is: Where is Leon Reiter now?

On Elitewealth’s Facebook page it seems like an imposter is posting instructions as coming from admin, which confuse EA members. Yet Leon Reiter himself has not yet posted those same instructions concerning Liberty Reserve in Elite back office. This silence concerning such an important matter is something EA members aren’t used to.

The last back office Update of 13 June just points out a problem with AlertPay,

“What is not good is that my Tablet submitted a duplicate AlertPay Mass Payment in a blink of an eye and we are negotiating with AlertPay in regards to this issue. And that is what happens when people do such things under the pressure of negative emotions –“

which has in the meantime been solved, as AP members received their outstanding payments 22 June 2011. LR members are now getting upset about that and urgently need an official comment in the back office.

Where is Leon Reiter not to see this and do something about it?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All is well with Elite Alliance Wealth Club

After a lot of guessing,bad-mouthing and Scam-crying things suddenly have taken a drastic positive turn on Elite Alliance Wealth Club.
Today, 22 June 2011, EA has made payments via AlertPay.
Check out EA Facebook page and click on "more" at the bottom to see all the payment proof you need to see to boost your faith in EA.

If MNO monitor still shows "Not Paying", that may refer to Liberty Reserve payments, which still seem to be outstanding.

As for my part,I wasn't waiting for a payment, but for an answer to my support request.
Let's hope Leon Reiter will also find the time to reply to those tickets soon, so as to let those of us jump for joy who are in the same boat as myself.

Thumbs up for Elite Alliance Wealth Club!
I will keep you updated with the latest news.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chicken Counting with Elite Alliance Wealth Club

HYIP is about making lots of money online fast. And when you go through blogs and forums about Elite Alliance Wealth Club, you can read about how to double your money in two months or how to earn 40K every two months and many more of such statements and strategies.

Sure, the investment packages are very attractive, as you can see in my Review. And yes, with your principal returned each time an investment matures, it seems that you can’t really lose here, since you can pull out your initial investment and just go on investing the profits. So it’s normal for people to start doing some math, start planning for the future, start dreaming of becoming financially independent, calculating when they would be able to drop their normal job.

There also are some marketers who can paint such glowing pictures about the Pot of Gold available at the click of their invitation link, that it’s almost impossible to wait and do some due diligence before joining Elite Alliance Wealth Club.
However, counting ones chickens before they are hatched has yet to be proven profitable. More often than not there is some snake hiding around the nest, just waiting to gobble up those eggs before they can hatch. When that happens, those that paint with the gold color cannot and will not acknowledge their error, because they would lose face and followers if they did. So they will immediately present you with another opportunity to earn money online to quickly make you forget about a bad experience

That is my reason for the rather dark colors used on this blog. The better informed you are, the less disappointed you’ll be when some snake does come along to swallow your eggs. And the less likely you’ll invest more than you can afford to lose on any online program, particularly a HYIP like Elite Alliance Wealth Club.

My Report:
Yes, I have invested in Elite Alliance. Yes, my first packages did mature and with what’s showing in my back office I can pull out my initial investment after just two months – that is IF and WHEN I get an answer to my support request , which is now outstanding for 33 days. As I said earlier – there always are snakes lurking around a nest of eggs.

Other Elite Alliance Payment Reports:
Member Csaba reports his payment dated 13 June.
More Payment reports can be found Here

Keep following – another interesting Alert is coming up.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Something Fishy – Problem Status on Monitors

Although PROBLEM status on monitors is not yet SCAM status, it is an indication for would-be investors not to take a chance investing at that stage and should be taken seriously. For invested members it means a waiting game has started.

On 14th June, just after the last Update of 13th June, regularly updated monitors started sounding the ALERT, Elite Alliance Wealth Club was put on PROBLEM status and investors advised against re-investing.

According to the Payment history on Money News Online the last payment was received 9 June 2011. Now this does not correspond with Leon Reiter’s statement in the last
Update of 13 June:
And the very last thing for the non-believers... Yesterday we processed $260,000 in Payouts, today we have almost the same amount and we will get it done soon.

The “yesterday” in the update would have been June 12.

Question now is: who is right and who is wrong?
Whom can one believe?
Does the payment history on the monitor maybe pertain to something else than payments on matured investments? Are payments done selectively?
Or is this just a hidden agenda from the side of monitors against Elite Alliance Wealth Club?

With once again no comment on this highly disturbing development from the side of Leon Reiter in the back office, especially new members, who are already upset about the previously mentioned problems, will tend to lose the rest of confidence they may have had in this system.

Is it unreasonable to expect this very busy managing director of Elite Alliance Wealth Club to just post a short notice in the back office regarding this development?

If a real business has to close doors for a while due to unforeseen circumstances, a Notice gets stuck on the entrance, informing customers about the reason for the closed door.

Online the entrance to a business normally is the members back office, so that’s where customers/members would see such a notice. Another way of immediately informing members is via email. And yet another place where members would go to look for more news is the official blog of an online business. In the case of Elite Alliance Wealth Club there only is their Facebook page, no blog.

Yet nowhere a comment is to be seen. Also, some people claim they were paid after 13 June, which is a positive indication.

Ok, so a clean hand needs no washing and the waiting game for members to get their problems solved just goes on and on. Patience – I pray for that.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Delays can be detrimental for a HYIP system

Associating a time table with plans to be implemented can be very dangerous if the time table cannot be adhered to. Delays are the surest way to fan the SCAM flames, especially concerning a HYIP. Immediate updates in case of unforeseeable delays can, however, appease most customers.

Now if we look at the Updates in the back office of Elite Alliance Wealth Club, we are given specific dates for the implementation of, for example, the Help-desk and the promised update on how to use it. We were also given a specific time frame for the reissuing of secondary passwords:

Update 3 June 2011
Updates are almost installed and we will have our new Password Recovery Tools set up and available next week. At the same time we will update some parts of our Security Module to meet the new criteria.

In each case, however, nothing has happened up till mid June 2011.
As a still trusting member of Elite Alliance Wealth Club, just waiting to be able to reinvest, I can only say that the complete silence regarding certain delayed issues slowly builds up more and more questions about the long-term health of this system. Any normal person can understand and accept the fact that certain circumstances can delay ones plans, if those circumstances are properly explained or at least a plausible excuse is offered. But nothing like that is forthcoming.

Can one blame ones employer for getting mad if one stays away from work without a plausible excuse? Or can a husband blame his wife for mistrusting him if he regularly comes home late without a believable explanation?

Equally so, can the admin of a HYIP blame its investors for starting to mistrust its system, if no plausible explanations for implementation delays are given?

Posted Jun 13th, 2011

Hello Everyone,

It's Leon here. This is an urgent & important Update. I apologize for being a bit late with this one, but still it is topical and very important.

First of all, I would like to pay attention to what has been going on lately. Just returned from a Business trip and was unpleasantly surprised by all the negative feedback and responses received from some Members.
People scream "scam" here and there - now I can see the real scale of the shady so-called "HYIP-industry". There must be so many people who fell victims to the GREEDY HYIP ADMINS that every time we have a LITTLE delay in Payouts, people are losing their TRUST... A SHOCKING fact that makes me sad..

I am NOT crying SCAM here, since I can’t make any withdrawal request without the secondary password in any case and am thus not waiting for a payment. Fact is, however, that all the delays mentioned on my blog cause members to start losing their trust. Once that process has started, it’s difficult to reverse it and can be detrimental for the long-term plans of Elite Alliance Wealth Club, which is, after all, generally classified as a HYIP.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Insufficient Support – the collaps of a system?

Insufficient support for members of any system can easily lead to its downfall, especially so for a HYIP. Thus a working support system should be a matter of priority if the system is intended for long term use.

The overall starting trend of News and Updates in the back office of Elite Alliance Wealth Club is an extremely busy General Manager, graciously condescending to keep his investors informed about possible new developments before attending to pending payouts. In between, the second in charge, Alex, also highlights the very busy schedule of the General Manager and recommends that members don’t bother him with unimportant stuff.
Here is an excerpt from News and Updates:
Posted Feb 26th, 2011

I personally have been extremely busy this week due to numerous offline meetings and phone conferences. So, my apologies to all those of you who have tried to contact me unsuccessfully for the last few days.

Firstly, the most important thing... We aim to respond to all enquiries as soon as we can, but we receive a huge number of Support Requests every day. Seems like a lot of EA Members open "High Priority" Support Tickets just to ask questions that have either been answered in the FAQs, or have zero discussion value and are just SPAM. Remember, other Members suffer from this! HIGH PRIORITY Support is the "911 Service" just for emergency issues, so please open your Support Tickets with appropriate Priority Levels.

Starting Monday, I will not be answering low-priority emails and handling Support Requests, as every second spent on these activities takes me away from doing something IMPORTANT that is required for us to continue to offer you a safe and risk free passive income opportunity. These activities will be assigned to our new Support Team member – Katrin

My Questions on this: What does admin regard as “High Priority”?
Since that isn’t explained anywhere, every person must decide for himself what is an emergency and what not. Opinions on this will of course vary from person to person. I would reckon password issues to be an emergency.

As to delegating the handling of support requests: that should have priority right from the start. When opening a system like this to the general public, it’s obvious that a lot of support requests are to be expected.

Posted March 25th, 2011
4. Support Requests
We are planning on installing a HelpDesk software to better handle Support Requests. That is why the Support Tickets within your Members Area will not be accessible for several days starting tomorrow. Current situation shows that Members tend to open several Support Tickets on the same matter. We always ask not to do so as this will push your ticket further down our queue and may result in a delayed response from us. As soon as our new help desk software is installed, we will update you immediately. Also, all currently open Support Tickets will be replied to via e-mail as soon as possible.
Posted April 15th, 2011
2. Our helpdesk software will be completely setup in about 3 to 5 days. A special update will be published on how to use it for both signed in, and non-signed in users.
7. Finally, we do understand that currently our support is not the best around, but we are working on it and will do our best to have our new multilanguage Support Team formed by the end of next week.

Well, to date June 2011, no special update on the use of the help-desk has been published. The Help-desk has been installed, but with all the ranting about support tickets and no proper replies to outstanding ones, members may now have given up on this.

In the case of a HYIP that can easily lead to its classification as a SCAM, especially by members who haven’t yet received any payment.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sign-up Tips for a Successful Membership

When signing up with a new system, there are certain points one has to keep in mind for a successful membership entry.

One of those is to have a gmail address in order to receive the welcome email from admin, which may contain important info like an allocated password. Some systems don’t let you put in a password at sign-up. Normally you also have to verify your details by clicking on a link in the first email you receive.

Over the years I have learned to follow a certain system: I first open my notepad where keep all my details for reference purposes. It is a hard copy, so I won’t lose it in case of a PC crash. And as I enter the required details on the sign-up page, I also immediately enter them into my notepad. This way I cannot forget my user name, password/s, referral URL and other important details.

With Elite Alliance Wealth Club the secondary password is all-important. This is necessary to make any changes in your account as well as to withdraw any earnings. You have to put it in at sign-up and remember it, since it doesn’t get sent to you in the welcome email for security purposes.

So armed with my notepad I confidently started signing up. But ALAS, something was wrong with the site. It did not want to accept my primary password. Only after various trials the system accepted it and then I was immediately transferred to the back office. There was NO place to enter a secondary password. So there I was – in the back office, without a secondary password. I still had the hope it would be allocated automatically and get sent to me, but that hope got dashed when I received the welcome email.

I wasn’t overly concerned about it at that stage, however, and proceeded to buy my first investment package. All went well and I received the emails concerning my investment immediately. When I later talked with my sponsor about the issue with the password, he reckoned I signed up at a stage when Elite Alliance’s server had problems and I should send them a support ticket about it. This I did. I also received an automated reply that the issue would be attended to by the appropriate department.

I am now waiting for more than 4 weeks to receive a proper reply to my support ticket. That is absolutely unacceptable from any system. This then brings me to the admin updates in the back office concerning support tickets. Admin updates are also published here for anyone to read and follow.
My next posts will discuss those updates, so keep following.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Due Diligence - a must for HYIP

When looking to make money online, one invariably also looks at HYIP or High Yield Investment Programs. Receiving interest on an investment is the easiest form of generating a passive income. You just deposit and wait until an investment matures, then collect your money.

Since there are so many scams and Ponzi schemes in this field, it takes a lot of due diligence to find a program which delivers on its promises. Here is what I normally do before I join anything: I click on all the links on the site. The FAQ is the first link I click on. If that doesn’t give me enough info, I start googling various forums and review sites.

Most of the review sites are biased and don’t give you a true picture. The owners are members of a specific system, trying to build up their down-line in it, so will logically paint a rosy picture. In forums you mostly find a whole lot of payment proof, which may or may not be true, so those are of not much use either. Some HYIP systems have their own forums. Those are the worst to look for unbiased info, because a member that posts something negative about the system will be banned from posting.

Then there also are monitoring sites. These sites get paid by the admins of HYIP systems and it’s very difficult to find a monitoring site that is not biased, but gives a balanced view of HYIPs and delivers regular updates. In the HYIP arena daily updates are necessary in order to help investors make informed decisions as most HYIP systems don’t stay open very long. If the site is not updated daily, it may happen that an investor picks a HYIP which has already stopped paying and he will thus loose his deposit and end up scammed.

When I was invited to join Elite Alliance Wealth Club, I did my normal thing: first checked through all the links on the site. Their FAQ didn’t give me enough info. In fact, I think it can be vastly improved. The link to MNO led me to Money News Online, their monitoring site. There I found lots of info, which appeared to be fairly unbiased. What I found correlated with what I had been told by the person who invited me to join him in this:
The payment history was positive since the start of Elite Alliance Wealth Club.

The interview left some questions, especially as to exactly how EA generates the money to pay such high interest rates and why they opened up for the public, originally being a private club.
The review was complete, impartial and realistic, without the ecstatic expectations of my sponsor. In view of my previous experiences I could only agree with the fact that MNO classifies Elite Alliance as just another HYIP.

It was only after listening to the General Manager that I was convinced that this was going to be the Elite HYIP, intended to generate a passive income for a long time , so I started the sign-up process, anticipating an ever growing passive income from small beginnings.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is a Passive Income possible with Elite Alliance Wealth Club?

What can would-be investors expect from Elite Alliance Wealth Club, a HYIP which claims to be an honest and long lasting opportunity to build up a passive income? Is EA a normal HYIP or truly Elite? Inform yourself properly before you jump in.

My involvement in Elite Alliance Wealth Club
After receiving a glowing recommendation from a member, I did my due diligence as I knew how. I mostly found positive comment in my searches, with just two that were not all positive. One of those two appeared to be totally biased against all HYIP systems, so I discarded that one, signed up and made my first investment. Since my searches didn’t completely satisfy me, however, I will try my best here to stay unprejudiced while, for starters, concentrating on the con’s from a member’s viewpoint.
Having had my fair share of HYIP losses over the years does not deter me from starting again. I firmly believe that bad experiences are necessary to eventually have good experiences. If you fall of a horse once and never get up another, you’ll never experience the joys of horse riding. If you fall of a few times, you will have learned to avoid a fall or fall safely next time around.

I do not promote that you try to make a living from HYIP. But,played correctly, it can help to increase your cash flow without having to work your bottom off, so you can pay for other online adventures which take more work and more time to generate an income.

General advice regarding risks with HYIP
HYIP players have various strategies to “play the game” as safe as possible. I would advise anyone who intends entering this field to bring himself/herself up to date with those strategies, preferably those used by “old hands” in this field, who have some years of experience behind their backs.
High Yield includes High Risk, but as the saying goes: No risk – No gain. Any business is risky, whether off line or online. There are no guaranties for success. Every entrepreneur will, however, take calculated risks. If you’re afraid of taking a risk, lock yourself up in a room and stay there. Life in itself is a risk.
If you still think you’re safe in your daily job, just read the newspapers and listen to the news. Times have changed and we have to adapt in order to keep our normal life style or stay and scale down constantly.