Friday, July 22, 2011

Elite paying selectively on a weekly basis.

Elite Alliance Wealth Club is not yet dead.

From payment proofs posted on the net the following becomes clear:
1. Payments are now processed on a weekly basis, usually on a Monday.
2. Payments are still processed selectively using Alert Pay.
3. The waiting time for requests to be processed has increased to a month.

Even though there is no guarantee that this will go on, let alone improve, it does prove that Elite Alliance is not dead yet.It also lets peoples hopes live on.

Of course it is possible that Elite is going through a rough time, having to recover from losses incurred from double payments that were processed accidentally, as mentioned in Leon Reiters last update from 13 June 2011. Diehards have swallowed this statement as an explanation for the current problems. It could, however, also just have been an excuse from the side of EA admin. Only time will reveal the true facts here.

The situation being as it is at this moment, members now re-invest rather than withdraw. In view of the current waiting time, this seems to be the best strategy at this stage. Instead of having a withdrawal request hanging pending for weeks, that money can just as well earn interest for that time.

As to the admin of Elite Alliance Club having abandoned communication with members nothing has changed yet. This fact should serve as warning that all is not rosy yet and the final collapse can still come at any time.

Thus I still advise all would-be investors to exercise extreme caution here. Signing up without investing right now just for being a member if Elite Alliance goes private again, cannot be of great value either, since admin already stated they would only go on with trusted and active members. Those who advise people to just sign up for this, only have their own agenda in mind.

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