Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Leon Reiter’s Interview with Money News Online

Recent changes to Elite Alliance.net invitation page as well as on Money News Online deprive visitors of an important piece of proof of the existence of the General Manager, Leon Reiter.

Together with other links that used to be on the invitation page, the link to Leon Reiter’s Interview with Money News Online has been taken off that page. The reason for that move is anyone’s guess. It does prove, however, that somebody is still working on the site.

MNO monitor has completely removed all links to Elite Alliance, even under their Scam page, as if it never existed. Again anybody’s guess as to why this drastic move was deemed necessary.

So, in order to save you time searching for that interview, just click HERE. I can’t promise that this link will stay good, but for the time being it still works.

For me this Interview is proof of Leon Reiter’s existence, especially at this point in time, where all other communication between the admin of Elite Alliance.net and its members has come to a complete halt. It serves as a straw to hold on in turbulent waters and although a straw like that is not strong enough to keep you afloat and believing for very long, it can help for a while.

It’s the same with recent payment proofs published online. They keep members hope alive. With Alert Pay and STP payment requests dated 22 June being processed 4 July, any requests made thereafter also have a chance of being processed, albeit later.

Yes, it’s a real see-saw ride at this stage, one day up, the next day down. Those who have been gambling with HYIP for some time know it’s a gamble from the start and thus accept losses, which invariably occur in this industry.

As to Elite Alliance.net being elite, cream of the crop, the best – well, hmmm, concerning what??? Definitely NOT in members support.

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